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I   N   F   O   R   M   A   T   I   O   N


Dear friends!

BBC Los Leones has in mind to organize there  traditionel tournament in

Vienna for the   49th time.

It will talke part at Pentecost, May, Saturday 27th, to Monday 29th, in various Gyms in Vienna.


We will organize this tournament in various categorien:

1) Women - General Division  (no limit)

2) Women - Second Division (lower-performance teams and Ladies 35+ and older),

3) Men - General Division (should not exceed German "Regionally" and Austrian 2nd league).

4) Men - Second Division (lower-performance teams),

5) Men's Seniors 45+

6) Men's Seniors 55+ and older

7) Men's Senior  Age  ?      /                        /


Karl Kraftel

Phone and FAX    0043 1 728 55 82

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Please condact us:

Dear friends!

We had invited many teams in Austria and in all the countries around Austria. But we did not get any registrations for Women, Seniors 45+ and Seniors 55+.

We only got 12 registrations from Men hight and lower quaulität.